How Soft Washing Safely and Effectively Cleans Your Roof


by Kyle Ray

Mold stains and growth on your roof are more than unattractive. Over time, they can damage the roof and supporting structures. However, cleaning the roof is not a task for pressure washing Houston TX. At Geek Window Cleaning, we use soft washing as a safe and effective method of roof cleaning Houston. Soft washing uses a special cleaning solution and significantly reduced pressure levels so that it can be applied to a larger range of surfaces. 

Differences Between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing Houston TX

Many people are familiar with pressure washing, yet they may not have heard of soft washing. They both are used to clean exterior surfaces but have different applications. Consider these main differences between soft washing and pressure washing Houston TX

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Pressure Levels

As its name implies, pressure washing used high water pressure levels instead of volume to achieve the desired result. This can be great for hard, durable surfaces but may damage more delicate ones. Soft washing, on the other hand, uses pressure comparable to a garden hose. 

Cleaning Agents

In soft washing, a special biodegradable disinfecting solution, generally consisting of bleach, surfactants, and algicides, is used. This penetrates beyond the surface to kill established roots. Additionally, pressure washing does not usually use a cleaning solution. 

Surface Applications

Because of the high pressure necessary to effectively “blast” dirt and debris off surfaces, pressure washing should only be used on very hard, durable surfaces, such as vinyl siding and masonry. Soft washing is much gentler and can be used on a greater range of surfaces. It is suitable for asphalt roof shingles and glass, for example. It may also help reduce wear on concrete and bricks from repeated pressure washing. 

The Steps for Professional Roof Cleaning Houston

Cleaning a roof requires careful attention to detail and following proper procedures. While there may be slight variations depending on your roof’s condition and design, here’s what you can expect when our pressure washing Houston TX technicians arrive to perform soft washing.

Preparation is the very first thing we will do. Adjacent materials will be covered as needed. That may include siding, grass, or nearby landscaping plants. We then prepare a cleaning solution that is gentle yet effective. 

We will spray the solution onto the roof surfaces. It will be allowed to soak in and work on accumulated dirt and biological material. After a brief wait, we will rinse the cleaning agent and any residual materials off your roof. In some cases, the solution may be left on the roof to eradicate any roots left behind fully. Once the roof dries, you will notice that moss and algae stains are gone from the surface. 

Homeowners should keep in mind that, while regular maintenance and cleaning can greatly improve a roof’s look, years of growth may not disappear completely after a single treatment. 

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Benefits of Using Soft Washing on a Roof

Pressure washing is an great way to clean dirt and debris from siding and masonry work. However, its pressure levels are too much for most roofing materials. It can seriously damage asphalt shingles by loosening grit and making them ineffective at protecting your home. It can also void the manufacturer’s warranty so, if you do develop a leak, you will be responsible for replacement costs. Soft washing is far gentler and offers advantages over pressure washing, including:

  • It kills mold: It relies on the action of surfactants, fungicides, and other cleaning agents. These not only break through the dirt on your roof, but they also kill mold, moss, and algae for a long-term solution.
  • It is gentle: The application and rinsing processes use pressure similar to what you would achieve with a standard garden hose. Roof shingles are much less likely to incur damage at these levels. 
  • It preserves the warranty: Soft washing follows the cleaning methods recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, so you can safely kill algae and moss without voiding your warranty.

Professional Soft and Pressure Washing Houston TX

Pressure washing Houston TX can help your home and walkways look new again, but it is not a good choice for cleaning roofs. If your roof shows signs of moss or algae growth, we can help restore its appearance. Geek Window Cleaning, a respected pressure washing company Houston, offers a full line of home cleaning services, including soft washing for roofs and other surfaces that cannot be cleaned with pressure washing. Contact us today online or by calling (713) 581-4963, to learn more and get a free estimate. 

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