James Driver All-Inclusive Park

Located in northeast Houston along US Highway 59, James Driver Park has two community center buildings, covered and lighted basketball facilities, a skate park, and a baseball field. It is also home to a playground for kids with disabilities and their peers.

Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia believes that parks should be for everybody regardless of limitations and challenges. He led the expansion of this playground in East Aldine. Learn more by clicking here.


There is so much to do in Houston, and one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is at a local park. Fortunately, many of the area’s parks and playgrounds have features that are accessible to children with disabilities. The newest addition is the all-inclusive playground at James Driver Park in Aldine. This 29-acre park has wheelchair-friendly equipment that allows children to spin, sway, swing, and slide, and it even has a splash pad.

The park also prioritizes inclusive signage with legible fonts, appropriate color contrast, universal symbols, and braille. It also includes clear floor or ground spaces around the play components to allow for easy maneuvering and accessibility.

The all-inclusive playground at James Driver Park is the first of its kind in Harris County, and Commissioner Garcia believes that parks should be for everyone, regardless of their physical abilities or limitations. He believes that the all-inclusive playground will encourage kids with and without disabilities to play side by side and learn about each other’s differences.

Community Centers

Located at 10918 Bentley St, this park has multiple community centers where kids can cool off and hang out. These facilities also provide plenty of space to walk around and get some exercise. Besides, there is a nice basketball court and even more playgrounds.

This park features a wide variety of activities and includes accessible playground equipment for sight-impaired, hearing-impaired, and autistic children. You will also find an ADA-compliant boat swing, walking trails, and a butterfly garden. If you’re looking for a place to bring the whole family, Matzke Park is a great option. This 136-acre park has sports fields, a massive inclusive playground, and wheelchair-accessible restrooms.

Designed by Four and One, this park is the perfect example of inclusivity in action. Learn how the design team was able to achieve such an amazing project. The presentation will cover how the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) were applied to the James Driver All-Inclusive Park Houston TX design process. Discover More about Spring here.

Sensory Gardens

Known as “playgrounds without limits,” this all-inclusive park is perfect for families of all abilities. Featuring wheelchair-friendly equipment kids can spin, sway, and swing on, this incredible facility is equipped with a large event lawn, community centers, misting areas, sensory gardens featuring indigenous perennials, and much more.

The ADA-accessible playground includes equipment that caters to children with sight and hearing impairments, as well as autistic kids. It also features safe swings and a massive boat swing, walking trails, covered pavilions, and a gorgeous butterfly and sensory garden all kids will love.

This expansive playground is designed with a variety of seating options, including benches and tables that can accommodate people with disabilities. In addition, the park includes a wheelchair-friendly water play area that adheres to TAS standards. The bonded rubber surface and longer ramps and bridges allow wheelchairs to maneuver easily. This is a wonderful place for children to explore risk, failure, mastery, and self-regulation. Located in Aldine, this park is open to the public for all ages and abilities at 10918 Bentley Street.

Fitness Equipment

The 29-acre park is located in northeast Houston along US Highway 59 and provides residents of Harris County with premier greenspace to enjoy 365 days a year. It has been designed to create a place that is truly made for everyone, regardless of physical and mental ability.

The park features an array of inclusive play elements for children and adults with special needs, community centers, event lawns, sensory gardens, local artist installations, and other amenities. Additionally, the park features a wide walking trail that allows people in wheelchairs to pass side by side.

The park’s design and planning process included research, meetings with experts, and community input. It was important to Commissioner Garcia that the park was built for everybody. Find out more!


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