Shady Lane Park

Shady Lane Park Houston TX is a great neighborhood to walk with the family or for some serious exercise. Find the best routes around 14 1/2 W Shady Lane Park using Pacer’s real-time walking trail map.

Themed play can promote a city’s heritage, provide a place for families to gather, and create pride of place. This Texas park takes this to the next level with treehouses, a bayou boat, and a fanciful custom alligator. Read on for some ideas.

1. Splash Pad

This colorful splash pad adds a festive dimension of cool fun to one of Houston’s most venerable parks. With 37 water features, including a flower, rainbow, fire hydrant activator, and raining buckets, this playground is sure to entertain kids for hours.

Located in the back of the park near the carousel and giraffe area, this water playground is a great way to burn off energy before or after your visit to the animals. Admission to the splash pad is included with zoo tickets.

This west Houston park is home to a huge splash pad complete with geysers, dumping buckets, and misting rainbows that can be controlled by a push of a button. The park also has a large playground, community center, soccer fields, and hiking/biking trails. Designed by Talley Landscape Architects as a representation of the bayou ecosystem, the park incorporates concrete alligator heads, ground spray water effects, and boulders with natural bronze finishes. The water play area represents the headwaters and includes a streambed that leads to a re-established riparian habitat at the Harris County Flood Control District’s Berkshire Detention Basin.

2. Playground

Designed for ages 5-12, this wood chip-based playground has high slides and multiple ways to climb up and down. There are also a few elements on ground level for younger kids like the blue bongo drums and a red spinning wheel. The playground is surrounded by a grass field, a basketball court with bleachers, restrooms, and a covered pavilion with picnic tables.

This park is also home to a Bayou ecosystem-themed ground built as part of the National Recreation and Park Association’s 2013 Parks Build Community project. The sculpted concrete alligators, boulders, and ground spray water effects match the nature theme of the rest of the renovation including the two Tree Houses and nature-themed freestanding features like the climbing log and tree trunk.

The paved walking and bike trails around the constructed component of this park connect to the surrounding Halls Bayou green space as well as the newly built Bretshire stormwater detention basin that will help alleviate flooding risks and damages for the neighborhoods along this portion of Halls Bayou. Explore more!

3. Basketball Courts

The basketball courts at Shady Lane Park are always popular with local residents, especially those who enjoy pick-up games. The court is also used by members of the community for organized leagues and tournaments. The park also features a soccer field, walking trails, and a community center.

During the renovation of Shady Lane Park, a spray ground was added to tie in the bayou ecosystem theme. The spray ground has a multi-colored rubber surface and features a ground geyser, bell-spray column, misty arch, water trio, and magic touch bollard.

Shady Lane Park is a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends. The park has a wide variety of amenities, attractions, and events that make it a great place for families to enjoy all year round. The park’s picnic area is a favorite spot for families to relax and have a picnic. Guests can enjoy the shade provided by the pavilion or bring a blanket to spread out on the grass. The covered space can be rented for bridal or baby showers, birthday parties, and other special events.

4. Community Garden

Located in the area near Church Souls Harbor Pentecostal and Pinewood Park, this property is close to schools and parks. It is also within walking distance of shopping and dining.

Developed as part of the 2013 Parks Build Community project, Shady Lane Park is nature-themed and celebrates Houston’s bayous in the new water play area designed by Talley Landscape Architects with a concrete “waterway” that ties into the overall Bayou Ecosystem theme of the renovation. The park features concrete alligators and boulders, as well as ground spray water effects in natural bronze finishes.

Houston residents and volunteers joined the City of Houston and NRPA for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and volunteer activities at Shady Lane Park today, hosted by UnitedHealthcare. UnitedHealthcare supported the creation of this community garden and improvements at five other urban gardens around the city in collaboration with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD). Food from these community gardens travels less than a few miles between the farm and the plate, helping to reduce the amount of energy it takes to get nutritious foods into low-income neighborhoods. Check our next area of interest here.


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