What Does Professional Window Cleaning Include?

Clean windows allow natural light to enter a room and make it look bright and open. This naturally boosts productivity and creates a more positive atmosphere for employees and guests.

Hiring a professional to clean your windows can save you time and money. They will bring their specialized tools and cleaning solutions to your home or business.

Cleaning agents

Professional window cleaners have a wide range of cleaning agents in their arsenal. These include glass cleaners that can be sprayed on and wiped away or a combination of scrubbers and squeegees for thorough results. These products are highly effective and leave behind no streaks. They also come with a long extension pole and ladders to reach high windows.

A scraper is also a handy tool for getting rid of tough marks or paint that regular scrubbing won’t remove. Professionals typically use it after rinsing the window to make sure it is clean.

In commercial settings, a clean showroom or storefront is essential for making your business look professional. This is especially true for retail stores, where customers may be more likely to buy something if it is presented in a clean showcase or window. Cleaning services also ensure that dust and other contaminants aren’t lingering around, which can trigger allergies in employees or shoppers.


Most professional window cleaners use a variety of tools to complete their jobs. Some of the most important are a good squeegee and a bucket for the cleaning solution. They may also have a scraper and a long handle brush for hard-to-reach windows or doors.

A quality squeegee is essential for getting streak-free windows. It should be lightweight and made of a durable material such as aluminum or carbon fiber. It should also have a comfortable grip for extended use periods. Using a squeegee can be difficult for first-time cleaners, so they should practice on a piece of cardboard or wood.

The next most important tool is a scrub pad. A scrub brush or sponge is great for removing gunk from windows, including bird poop, insect residue, and construction debris. It should be soft enough to not scratch the glass or frame. A scraper is also a handy tool for removing paint overspray, tape, or other sticky substances. It should be lightweight and have a convenient holster for holding the blade when not in use.

Safety equipment

Window cleaning is a job that requires specialized equipment and knowledge to do properly. Professional window cleaners are trained to handle both the cleaning and the safety aspects of the job. They will also know which tools are best suited for each individual situation. For example, they will be able to tell you if you need to use a ladder that rests on the ground or one that is suspended from above, like a supported scaffolding.

Other pieces of specialized equipment include protective eyewear, such as goggles that protect from dust or high-pressure spray. A ladder that is sturdy enough for the task is a must, as are gloves to avoid any potential hand injuries. A bucket of large disposable cloths to wipe windows made from a special material that doesn’t leave streaks or lint is also useful.

Cleaning process

Professional window cleaners follow an exact process for cleaning windows to ensure they are pristine. They start at the top and work their way down to avoid streaking and miss spots. They use a solution of water and soap or detergent, and they scrub the glass with a brush. They then sluice off the dirt and debris with a squeegee.

They also wipe the frame and sills of your windows, and they may even clean your storm or front doors. They have specialized cloths that are lint-free to eliminate streaking and to dry the windows quickly.

If your windows are not cleaned regularly, they may be attracting pests like hornets and wasps to your home or business. These pests can build nests behind window shutters or move into the casing of your windows. The cleaners can use chemicals to repel these pests and reduce allergens in your home. They can also spot signs of mold and remove it safely.