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The Mission 

Our mission at Geek Window Cleaning is to make sure your home always looks its best! 

As homeowners, our properties reflect our values, and with your home usually being the largest investment you will make during your life, it only makes sense to take good care of it. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not have time to properly perform their own maintenance, which is where we come in! 

Best-In-Class, A Guarantee!

Best-In-Class is not a reputation we stumbled upon, it took us a lot of hard work to get here. 

Our Best-In-Class Satisfaction Guarantee provides you with the assurance that we will leave your home looking excellent everytime, even when it means coming back for free touch-ups & re-dos!

The Plan

Throughout the years Geek Window Cleaning has strategically expanded our scope of work by mastering different services that keep your home looking great! The plan is to continue to gain expertise in Exterior Home Maintenance and by doing so deliver a higher value to you, the homeowner. 

Over the years we have gone from just Window Cleaning to Pressure Washing, Home Soft Washing, Roof Soft Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Whitening, Grill Cleaning & so much more! 

Keep an eye out, Geek Window Cleaning will soon be offering Concrete Sealing to our list of home services we have mastered!

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Meet The Team

Kyle Ray Team

Kyle Ray

Kyle started Geek Window Cleaning in the fall of 2007. He has read, and continues to read just about every book you can imagine on business. Kyle is also passionate about researching equipment and learning about what are the best and most effective options to best serve our clients. His goal is to not only provide our clients with the most excellent customer service but also the absolute best results!

“I’ve always said we are a customer service company that happens to provide the services we do. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, because we know if we hit the mark every time, with every customer, we’ll have customers for life.”

  • Favorite Color: T.A.R.D.I.S. Blue 
  • Off-Time: Off time, that’s funny
  • Archenemies: Wasps & builders who think putting a window in an impossible to get to place is a great idea 
  • Favorite animal: Turtles & Octopus — they’re just so cool!
Taylor Tech Manager

TY Abbate – Tech Manager

Taylor joined GWC over a year ago and is passionate about his work. He’s very detail oriented and knows what it takes to provide the absolute best experience for our customers. Taylor is also an exceptional guitarist and has started his own YouTube channel showing off his talents and teaching people how to pull off those epic rifts. 

  • Favorite Color: Tie-Dye
  • Off-Time: Baking
  • Archenemies: Dirt
  • Favorite Animal: Cookie Monster
Geek Window Cleaning

Ashley Mahana – Office Manager 

Ashley is your go-to-gal in the office! From booking to billing she will do it all with a smile! Ashley has had a background in Office Management for over 10 years and loves to provide awesome customer service. In her off time she serves in church ministry and manages her small home baking business. 

  • Favorite Color: Purple (at the moment)
  • Off-time: Serving at church & managing her cake business
  • Archenemies: Temperatures above 85° & Last minute cancellations
  • Favorite Animal: Seals – I mean, those eyes
Team Jeremy - Geek Window Cleaning

Jeremy Greene – Lead Tech 

Jeremy has been with GWC for more than 5 years, he’s a favorite among our customers and approaches everyday with a fantastic attitude!  He is highly skilled at all of our services, and takes pride in his work. Jeremy just became father to a second little girl and is loving the family life with his fiance. 

  • Favorite Color: Unsure 
  • Off-time: Spending time with his daughter, fiancee and family
  • Archenemies: Plants with thorns 
  • Favorite snack: Chips, Cookies — pretty much anything

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