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You clean the interior of your home or office building frequently, but how often do you clean the outside of your building? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know when the last time the exterior of your building was cleaned. If this is the case, it’s time to hire roof cleaning Houston services.

While it may not seem like a big deal to let dirt and debris buildup on your roof indefinitely, the truth is that a dirty roof probably won’t last as long as a clean roof. That’s because dirt that’s covered in debris is more likely to trap moisture, which can weaken your roof and potentially cause mold and leaks to develop.

In addition, a clean roof looks better. So whether you take pride in the way your property looks or you’re getting ready to sell it, you’ll make a better impression if you hire someone to provide you with a soft roof wash Houston service. Here at Geek Window Cleaning, we do more than just clean windows; we also clean your roof and gutters, so they look brand-new again.

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How Roof Cleaning Works

When you hire our team for your roof cleaning, you don’t need to worry about us unintentionally damaging your shingles or other roofing materials. We use safe and gentle cleaning solutions and equipment that can rid your roof of debris without wearing it down.

The cleaning solution we use will rid your roof of bacteria, algae, mold, and other types of organic organisms that can weaken your roofing materials over time. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly, there’s no need to worry about them harming your property.

Signs You Need Roof Cleaning Houston Services


If you’re unsure if you need professional roof cleaning services, here are a few indications you do:

      • You can see roof discoloration due to moss or mildew on your rooftop
      • Your roof looks darker due to a buildup of dirt and grime
      • Black stains are making your shingles look old and worn

If you see any of these common indications of a dirty roof, give us a call. We’ll be happy to schedule your non-pressure roof cleaning Houston service as soon as possible.

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How To Find the Best Roof Cleaning Houston Company


When you’re looking for a reliable roof cleaning Houston company, it’s wise to do some research in advance. However, not all companies provide the same quality of service, so be sure to look for the following:

      • Experience: For your roofing projects, you want to hire a company with experience under its belt. Here at Geek Window Cleaning, we have more than ten years of experience in the business. We know how to clean a wide variety of rooftops, from residential to commercial.
      • Friendly and Professional Technicians: It’s nice to have friendly technicians on your side who are highly trained and skilled in what they do. Our technicians have great attitudes and are trained and qualified for the job.
      • Free Estimates: We pride ourselves on offering free estimates with no obligation. We don’t think you should pay a company to provide you with a price for a service.
      • Relevant Equipment: When it comes to reliable roof cleaning Houston services, a company’s equipment is very important. We use leading-edge equipment to get the job done well.
      • Affordable Prices: We do everything we can to provide exceptional cleaning services for a reasonable price. We even offer an Affordable Cleaning Program to help you keep your building spotless without breaking the bank.

As you can see, we are highly qualified to take care of all your roof, gutter, and window cleaning needs. We’ll always go out of our way to make sure you are completely satisfied with the services we offer. If you’re not happy with our completed projects for any reason, we’ll do everything we can to rectify the problem. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure it.

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There are several reasons to keep your roof clean. In addition to boosting your curb appeal and creating a building you can be proud to live or work in, a clean roof will also last longer than a dirty, neglected roof. Seemingly harmless things such as fallen leaves and twigs can create the perfect environment for moisture to build upon your roof and cause serious issues down the road.

If you’d like to prevent these types of problems and give your roof the attention it needs to enjoy the longest lifespan possible, we want to help. Contact us today and schedule your roof cleaning Houston appointment. While you’re at it, consider scheduling window and gutter cleaning appointments as well. We can even come out and disinfect your building, so you don’t have to worry about contagious germs. We want to make your entire building look and feel as attractive and clean as possible!

Benefits of Gutter Cleaning

How the Roof Cleaning process works:


Roof Inspection

We inspect your roof to locate the dirt and debris. 


Determine The Best Method

We determine what method we will use to get your roof the cleanest in the most efficient way possible.


Clean Your Roof

We methodically and safely clean your roof of dirt and debris. 



Before closing out the job, we walk through finished job with you.

FAQ About Roof Cleaning in Houston TX

It’s only natural to have questions before any home improvement project. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear.

Do I need professional Roof cleaning?

Beyond the curb appeal a clean roof give your home, a clean roof last longer. Without proper cleaning of your roof, it could lose half its live span. Mold and mildew can grow on your shingles causing damage to your roof.

Do you have insurance?

Geek Window Cleaning carries comprehensive insurance, including an umbrella policy. We are happy to provide a copy of our insurance certificate on request.

What type of payments do you accept?

Paying for your window cleaning should be as simple as the rest of our process. That’s why we accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards. Your payment is due once the project is completed to your satisfaction.

What is the easiest way to get a quote?

We make getting an estimate simple and quick. Fill out our pressure washing Austin TX online quote request form with the square footage of the area that needs cleaning, and we will contact you with an estimate. Please note if there are any special circumstances or design elements we’ll need to consider.

What happens if it rains?

Our team can’t control the weather, but we can respond to it. We do that by monitoring the weather and rescheduling appointments if necessary. That usually means a greater than 80% chance of rain on your scheduled window cleaning day.

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