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Pressure Washing Services for your Houston Home

For over 10 years, Geek Window Cleaning has been the go-to company for pressure cleaning in Houston. For this reason, we’ve grown to become one of the most trusted pressure washing companies in Texas. Our diverse skill sets offer a wide range of services to help keep your home or business looking great.

Houston is the most populous city in the United States, with a thriving energy industry and multiple professional sports teams. The hot, humid, and swampy weather can make your home look dirtier faster than usual. If you’re an outdoor person like most Houston residents, you’ll want your outdoor space to look spontaneously clean every time. At Geek Window Cleaning, we understand that you may not have the time and energy to clean your driveway, patio, sidewalk and windows thoroughly, and that’s where we come in. We’re located along Bennington Street, less than half a mile from Herrera Elementary School.

Our Houston Cleaning services include the following:

Pressure Washing Equipement - Geek Window Cleaning
when power washing your patio

Services that we offer in Houston

It’s tough to get excited about outdoor cleaning projects. The process requires a good knowledge of the dos and don’ts of pressure washing to avoid damaging your home. Fortunately, you don’t have to undergo all that stress because Geek Window Cleaning is the solution for all your outdoor cleaning needs.  

The Houston weather provides a warm environment for mold and mildew growth, which can be a pain to get rid of. We take care of that stubborn mold so you can get more time for house tasks and recreational activities. We offer the following cleaning services in Houston.

Window cleaning Houston

Your Houston home windows will accumulate dirt, grime, and dust that could leave streaks and smudges on them due to the hot weather. Geek Window Cleaning will assess the number of windows and clean them thoroughly while taking care of your home property.

Pressure Washing Houston

If you want your property to look neat, bright, and elegant, our pressure washing services in Houston will help you achieve a spotlessly clean exterior. We clean everything from siding to patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

Surface Cleaner

Gutter Cleaning Houston

At Geek Window cleaning, we understand that gutter cleaning is one of the most critical parts of home maintenance. We clear debris and ensure that your gutters drain water efficiently to keep your home’s foundation dry and strong.

Gutter Cleaning Houston

Roof Cleaning Houston

Dirt and debris can easily build up on your roof, affecting its durability and overall look. When you book your roof cleaning appointment in Houston, we use the right tools to ensure your roof looks as good as new. We’re careful not to damage your shingles and other roofing materials.

Tile Roof

Disinfection Services Houston

Keeping your Houston home bacteria and virus-free should be your top priority. For the best disinfection services in Houston, call Geek Window Cleaning. We use the latest electrostatic sprayer technology for even and complete coverage.

Gutter Cleaning Houston

Additional cleaning services in Houston

When your home needs additional cleaning, Geek Window Cleaning can help with screen washing, grill cleaning, deep window sill cleaning, gutter whitening, soft washing, roof washing, outdoor light fixture cleaning, and construction cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions about pressure washing in Houston

If you have any questions you would like to ask before booking your cleaning appointment, our customer care representatives will be happy to respond. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about pressure washing in Houston.

What is the cost to pressure wash in Houston?

How much you’re likely to pay for pressure washing in Houston depends on the square foot of your home and where you want to be cleaned. Generally, the bigger the space, the higher the cost. We recommend power washing your home once or twice a year.

How does the pressure washing process in Houston work?

We start by assessing the area you want us to clean and provide an accurate estimate. We begin by treating mold and tannin stains before thoroughly cleaning the area. Once we’re done, we go through the finished job together to ensure you’re completely satisfied with everything.

Which areas in my Houston home can you pressure wash?

You can pressure wash your siding, sidewalks, driveways, patio, and outdoor decks. Geek Window cleaning can help remove any stubborn stains your space may have, including mold, grease, and tire tracks.

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