4 Tips for Power Washing Your Patio

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by Kyle Ray

Many families enjoy spending summer and fall days out on their patio, but having it look a little run down or too dirty can lessen the appeal. Periodically power washing your patio not only improves its curb appeal but it can lengthen its life, is less labor intensive, and is also environmentally friendly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when power washing your patio and getting it prepped for your enjoyment!


1.   Prepare the Patio for Cleaning


Before you begin to pressure wash your patio, it’s important to make sure the space is clear and ready. Make sure that your remove all objects from the area. Things such as outdoor furniture, couches, plants, rugs, decor, and more should be placed away from the washing area. This allows you to clean the full range of your patio without missing areas that could’ve been closed off by any outdoor accessories.


It’s also important to be aware of any electrical plugs, chords or devices that are in the area. As many know, water and electricity are not an ideal combination, so make sure that you unplug any extension cords you have, and temporarily move other electronic devices.


2.   Sweep Your Patio


Over time your patio can collect all kinds of debris such as sticks, leaves, gravel, and an abundance of other items. Make sure that you thoroughly sweep these items, and that the majority of your surface is clear of loose items.


There are two main reasons for doing this, the first being, to ensure that you do not risk damaging your house or other objects with debris and stone fragments flying around. Secondly, it ensures that those pieces don’t find their way back to your patio and gives you a clean and visible surface to begin spraying the water.


3.   Take the Appropriate Precautions


While many may think that power washing is a very safe and easy way to clean, there are still a few safety and infrastructural precautions that should be taken.


First, make sure that you are dressed appropriately, this includes eye protection, close-toed shoes, and long pants. These accessories can protect you from getting struck by flying debris. Naturally, you should always be aware of your surroundings. This includes, making sure that any children, pets, and items are removed from the vicinity. Not only could they potentially get injured but provide a distraction that could lead to other accidents.


In addition to the exterior of your home, you should also ensure that your hose and water pipes are up-to-date and are not too old or cracked. The pressure of power washing can compound to create potential plumbing issues, thus leading to pipe-flowing problems. In this situation, having a home warranty can cover any cracks, crevices, or leaks that your plumbing may experience. Ensuring that your water filtration systems are efficient and protected will make the pressure washing process much easier.


While power washing is a safe way of cleaning your home, it’s important to know the minimum safety precautions, and ensure you’re not damaging your home or anything else.


4.   Be Mindful of Your Power Levels


Pressure washers have varying degrees of power, it’s important to find the right setting for the structure of your patio. When reviewing your options, consider the pros and cons of the different types of pressure washers by doing research to find out what would be the best fit for your project size. Test the water pressure on a small section of your patio first then adjust as needed. Keep in mind, power washers can damage brick and even stone depending on the force, so it’s important to double-check the pressure before beginning. Some areas with more stubborn stains or dirt spots may require you to increase the pressure in order to remove them.


In addition, be more careful around the joints and lines of your patio. Depending on the power level, you could risk blasting sand and other fillers out from in between your patio, thus causing stability issues. When using higher pressure for tough dirt and debris, make sure to avoid those lines and save yourself future foundation trouble.


What’s Next?


For those looking to get the most enjoyment out of their patios, pressure washing can be an easy and quick way to make sure that you have a clean and inviting space to relax in. If you’re interested in learning more about the value of pressure washing to enhance your home’s value in Houston or Austin, contact Geek Window Cleaning.