Does Pressure Washing Damage My Windows?


by Kyle Ray

Giving your windows a thorough cleaning on a routine basis is an important part of home maintenance. Over time, the buildup of pollen, dust, and grime can leave an unsightly film on the glass, resulting in a dull, dingy appearance. Fortunately, a thorough cleaning can help remove those grimy layers to reveal beautiful, sparkling windows. While pressure washing Houston is a great way to revitalize the rest of your home’s exterior, is it safe to use this cleaning technique on your home’s windows?

Just as the name implies, pressure washing requires a strong, concentrated blast of water to power through embedded or stuck-on dirt.  Most of the time, pressure washing is an excellent option for brick, stone, concrete, siding, and more. However, it’s not considered a safe method for cleaning your windows since it can cause permanent damage to the glass and window seals. However, you can still enjoy squeaky clean windows as long as you follow these steps to prevent damage and leaks before cleaning.

Start By Hiring a Pro

While it’s true that you can purchase cleaning solutions and tools to do the job yourself, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to clean your home’s exterior. When working with an experienced pressure washing company Houston, you’re more likely to get better results and a deeper clean. You’re also less likely to cause damage to your property during the process.

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Consider the Age of Your Windows

Do you know what year your windows were installed? Older windows are more prone to leaks or structural damage. Some components may not be able to withstand the pressure of even a standard water hose. If your windows are more than 20 years old, it may be better to use gentler methods to get them clean, such as wiping them with a cloth or using a squeegee. Fortunately, most pressure washing Houston companies are well versed in a variety of cleaning techniques, so you can choose what works best for your home.

Assess the Current State of Each Fixture

Even some newer windows may not be ready for a steady, direct stream of water. If any of the components are loose or don’t lock tightly, moisture could seep into your home. It’s also important to check the seals around every window to prevent leaks. Make any necessary repairs to ensure each window is tightly sealed and closes with a snug fit. Not only will you be ready for a good cleaning, but you can also save energy and lower your heating and cooling costs by better regulating the temperature in your home.

Prep the Area for Cleaning

Once you’ve determined that it’s safe to schedule a window cleaning, you’ll need to make a few preparations. These simple steps can save you some serious headaches down the road.

Window Prep

Remove all exterior window screens, as these can block proper access to the glass. Check each window in your home and verify that it is completely closed and locked tight. If you have shutters mounted outside, secure or temporarily remove them before cleaning begins.

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Interior Prep

Even if you’ve checked for a tight seal, small leaks can happen during a window cleaning or pressure washing session. Pull back any loose rugs or place a towel over your carpet to prevent stains from any cleaning solution that may drip inside. If there are any power outlets underneath your windows, cover them with a waterproof seal in case of drips.

Exterior Prep

Many home exterior cleaning solutions rely on strong chemicals to further break down stains and grime. However, the ingredients in some of these products can be harmful to some of your more sensitive outdoor plants. To prevent the soil from absorbing concentrated amounts of this solution, thoroughly water the area right before your cleaning is scheduled to begin. This will help dilute the solution before it seeps into the ground. If you have any delicate plants or flowers directly beneath your windows, use a thin plastic covering to protect them.

Turn to Geek Window Cleaning for Pressure Washing Houston

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