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by Kyle Ray

When the weather warms up, many homeowners decide that it’s time to freshen the way their property looks, but they’re unsure about where to start. These are some home improvement tips to freshen up your home’s appearance and create a property everyone will envy in just a few steps!

Home Improvement Tips for Your Property’s Exterior

1. Keep Your Driveway Clean

Keeping your driveway clean is one of the most surprisingly difficult tasks. Luckily, the act of cleaning it is far easier. Look into how to remove oil stains from driveways and work to ensure they don’t continue to happen.

If you can, reach out to an auto body shop that can look at your vehicle and ensure that leak doesn’t happen anymore since it could be a symptom of something else going wrong with your car.

2. Remember to Maintain Your Deck

Your deck may be the best part of your property. It’s where you can gather with friends and loved ones and enjoy the outdoors while drinking in some fresh sunlight. Unfortunately, many people don’t maintain their deck property, which quickly leads to rotting and damage that makes the entire deck need to be replaced.

Take care of this by ensuring your deck is sealed every one to three years and that you check on the health and quality of the wood occasionally to ensure it’s still in great condition. This can lead to your deck lasting far longer and looking better while it does. 

3. Use a Pressure Washer to Clear Crud

A pressure washer should be every homeowner’s best friend. With a good pressure washer, you can stream a thin jet of water that can get rid of dead vines, dust, debris, and pollen from the outside of your home. It’s vital that you don’t aim up against siding or shingles and that you avoid older windows: but generally, this is awesome for bricks and concrete!

4. Don’t Let Your Garage Floor Get Ruined

How old is your garage floor? Have you been keeping it maintained? A poorly maintained garage floor can quickly get stained, cracked, or end up looking chipped and uneven.  It’s vital that you take care of this before it gets worse.

Look into how to fill cracks in concrete and remove the stains in the same way you did with your driveway. This, plus an epoxy layer on top, can stop any further damage and can lock moisture out, so it doesn’t crack again. 

Not only will this protect your garage floor, but it will also ensure that any storage or items you keep on that floor is protected and able to stay safe and in good condition.

5. Clean and Restain Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is an awesome part of any property because it allows us to comfortably lounge and use the exterior of our home. Unfortunately, many of us take this furniture for granted and allow it to go into disrepair and look dingy or old. Thankfully, even if we let it go too far: there are plenty of ways to fix it up. 

From countless wood stain colors for outdoor furniture to the endless sealants, you can apply for finishes that will lock out moisture while looking fantastic: you can give this type of furniture a fresh face.

Go for colors that work well with the exterior of your property and that make you excited to see the furniture. Of course, you could still go with bright pink if you want to, it’s really up to personal taste!

6. Keep Your Windows Looking Fresh

One of the most important parts of our homes are our windows. These allow in natural light and are the main way we experience the outside world from inside of our homes.  Because of this, and so many other reasons, it’s vital that they’re clear and beautiful.  The best windows are ones you don’t see the glass of when you look at them.

Although there are ways to clean your own windows, it would take the average homeowner hours to properly clean and maintain them, and there’s no promise that the results would be what you want of them. Instead, consider hiring a company like Geek Window Cleaning that can ensure they look brand-new year-round.

7. Remember to Clear Your Roof and Gutters

Your roof and gutters tell the world a lot about your home. If your gutters are so full of leaves and debris that they’re starting to grow plants: people will assume your entire property is in disrepair.

Take the time to deep clean your gutters, clear extra leaves off of your roof, and consider putting in gutter guards. These steps will allow your property to look fresh and well cared for.

Every Home Can Look Fantastic

Whether you’ve owned your home for forty years or just bought it this month: it’s not impossible to make it look brand new. Consider following some of these tips to give your house a new face.

Barbara Taylor is the lead Home Improvement Editor at Innovative Building Materials. With over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry, Barbara has worked on many projects including commercial office design and residential spaces.

Barbara lives in her hometown of Houston Texas. She enjoys the outdoors and spending time in her garden.