Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Home’s Exterior

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by Kyle Ray

It’s easy to forget about everything that goes into maintaining your home for the summer, especially if your region’s winters are harsh. With the warm weather fast approaching, maybe you’re looking to entertain guests, join a garden club, or just get things in order for the season. Here are some ideas for maintaining your home this year and beyond.

Restore, Repair, & Replace


Seasonal cleaning can be essential to maintaining the longevity of your roof. Not only does a clean roof do more for your home’s aesthetics and curb appeal, but it also prevents moss, moisture, and insects from doing further damage to the structure.

With the average asphalt roof lasting roughly 25 years, it may be time for you to consider replacing yours entirely. With options ranging from asphalt to metal and clay, roofing material alternatives are another way to give your home a new look and make it more sustainably sourced. Solar panels can also be a great long-term investment that will increase your property’s energy efficiency.


After a harsh winter, your home’s drainage system will likely need some TLC. Having your gutters professionally cleaned is a great way to efficiently unclog months of debris. If your gutters are older or see heavy precipitation, chances are they have come loose in some areas. Consider refastening them to your home to prevent dents and leakage down the road.

Now is also a great time to remove any leftover holiday lights or mounts or even install cord holders to avoid the hassle of doing so during the cold season. Clear clips are great for quick decorating and won’t be obtrusive to your home’s exterior during the summer.


Refreshing the natural light in your home can be easier than you might think. Giving your windows a good clean inside and out can remove months of dirt, streaks, and sun damage. Uninstalling any screens you have and hosing them down can also be great for limiting pollen and dust buildup.

If your windows are older or beginning to cause a draft, consider having them resealed or replaced to prevent your energy bill from spiking. If you’d just like a fresh look for your home, without making any major changes, consider repainting or installing decorative shutters on either side of your windows. These can add a great pop of color and character to your house without requiring a massive project.


Another great way to give your home a fresh look this summer is to wash or replace its siding. Professional pressure washing not only makes a difference in a home’s appearance, but can also remove any unsafe buildup on its exterior.

In addition to the features listed above, replacing your faded or worn siding can be great for changing things up or adding to your home’s value. This is a pricier option, though, and it’s good to remember that your material and square footage needs are both contributing factors to cost.

Get Organized

There are a few things you’ll need to consider before starting any kind of exterior maintenance to your home. First and foremost, you’ll want to prioritize those projects that can be completed within a reasonable amount of time. With the ripple effects of the pandemic still affecting the supply chain, a lot of material or construction-heavy work is still seeing a delay.

From there, you should decide which of those projects you’d like to take on yourself and which would be best left to a professional. Major projects are booked months in advance, so if you haven’t contacted your local contractors yet, you’ll want to do so immediately. Similar circumstances apply to any recurring work you’ll want to have done such as lawn care or watering. Remember, Geek Window Cleaning offers a variety of services to get your home’s exterior cleaned and looking its best for the season.

When planning your summer projects, be sure that you have the proper permits through your town or city. Local homeowners associations might also require you to follow certain guidelines regarding your home’s color or any external modifications made.

Depending on the work you’d like done, consider working top-down on things. For example, the debris left by roof replacement or gutter cleaning should be done and cleared before you plant and mulch a garden bordering your house. This – along with ensuring that you have the proper tools and safety equipment to complete any DIY tasks – will create a safer, more efficient working environment for both you and the professionals you utilize.

Considering any type of work, especially on your home’s exterior, is going to come with the question of affordability. Not only is prioritizing certain projects important, but budgeting for them is as well. While there are a number of options to consider when saving up for housework, it can be beneficial to look into 30 year refinancing rates to lower your monthly mortgage payments. This can be a great way to intentionally invest the money you save back into the value of your home. The work you put in now can even give you a boost in the market if you decide to sell down the road.

Take Care of the Functional Details


When ironing out the details of any home maintenance, the garden can often require more time and attention than people expect. Have things mapped out with regards to what you want to plant, how you want the garden laid out, and what kind of accessibility it will require for things such as weed removal, water feature maintenance, or even pathway lighting.

If you’re looking to keep a vegetable garden, consider the seasonality of certain produce and where it grows best. You might find that small box planting works for your herbs, but a greenhouse or raised bed is more ideal for larger veggies.


Getting your patio cleaned and prepped for the summer season can be a great way to refresh your space. Outdoor furniture cushions are easy to change out and can be replaced to fit any occasion. Screens, outdoor blinds, awnings, and high shrubs can all be great for shade and privacy when entertaining as well.


Opening your pool might be the most significant way of welcoming the summer season. There can be a decent amount of time needed in between maintenance and use so getting any cleaning, chemical shock, or filtration needs taken care of immediately can also save you time with other projects around your property. Be sure that any fencing you have is secure and that the appropriate safety precautions and gates are in working order. If you’re looking to invest in your pool specifically, consider installing a slide or waterfall feature to add character and value to the space.