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by Kyle Ray

If you’ve been looking for a service to come and remove built-up dirt and grime on the surfaces around your home, you have probably seen a lot about soft washing and pressure washing. Do you know what the difference is between the two or when to use which service? 

Well, we’re going to break that down for you.  

Here’s the difference: 

Pressure washing is the use of high-pressure to remove paint, mold,  grime, dust, or mud from surfaces like your home, driveway, or sidewalks. Typical pressure being used is 2500 PSI up to 4500 PSI. 

Soft Washing is the use of low-pressure equipment combined with specialized solutions like sodium hypochlorite, degreaser, and sometimes a surfactant to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae, and other organic stains from buildings, roofs, and other exterior areas that high pressure would potentially damage. The typical pressure being used is  40-150 PSI.  

Pressure washing has been around for years whereas soft washing is relatively new, but is quickly becoming the preferred method by several  Pressure Washing Houston companies to clean sensitive areas around your home. 

When to use Pressure Washing and when to use  Soft Washing: 

While some pressure washing Houston companies these days pre-treat  and post-treat concrete with a cleaning agent, not all do. 

Pressure washing is best used for surfaces like your driveway, sidewalk,  walkways, or patio areas. Using the lowest pressure possible is the best option for any cleaning, pre-treating your surfaces will help lift all of that built-up dirt and allow the use of lower pressure. When you use pressure washing Houston to clean your hard surfaces, we will always pre-treat and post-treat the areas we are cleaning.  

Soft washing is best used for your roofs, home, and other soft areas that may not hold up to higher pressure cleaning. Special detergents combined with surfactants will not only remove unwanted mildew and mold but will also kill these organic stains at the source, preventing them from returning quicker. 

Pressure washing will visibly remove the  stains but may not always kill it, causing it to return more quickly.  

Using higher pressure for the hard surfaces around your home is great but it’s not always the best solution and can still cause damage to concrete if not done properly. At Geek Window Cleaning we have specialized equipment so we can control the pressure coming from our equipment so damage is not done to these different types of surfaces.  Your driveway may be able to handle 4,000 PSI but your limestone patio cant, this is where knowledge and the right type of equipment are required to get the job done efficiently and safely without causing damage.  

Ask these questions when hiring a Pressure  Washing Company: 

  1. Do you pressure wash or soft wash? 
  2. Do you have experience with different types of stones and concrete? 
  3. Do you have experience with different types of homes? I.e. brick, stucco, hardy plank, etc.  
  4. What preventative measures do you take when soft washing to protect landscaping?
  5. Are you insured? 

Whenever you are wanting any of these services for your home you can trust that Geek Window Cleaning has the equipment and experience to deliver the results you’re looking for. Get your free quote by reaching out to us today! 

The difference between Pressure Washing & Soft Washing | Geek Window Cleaning