by Kyle Ray

A task that most homeowners and landlords overlook, pressure washing the sidewalks.  The main reason this is not done on a regular basis is the fact that most people don’t own their own pressure washing equipment. It’s not just about having a Home Depot special that you use to wash your car, pressure wash your patios or use it to try and clean your grill (that’s a really bad idea BTW). You also need the correct pressure hose, wand, nozzles, and possibly a circular surface cleaner to prevent those dreaded “tiger stripes” you see on a lot of people’s sidewalks. 

Maybe you DO have an electric pressure washer in your garage, but do you have the correct wand tips for the gallons per minute (GPM) that your pressure washer is rated for? It makes a big difference in how well your pressure washer performs. Also, that circular surface cleaner that attaches to the end of the wand, it also requires a certain GPM to work effectively. For argument’s sake, let’s say that you have the correct wand tips, the right pressure washer, and surface cleaner attachment. The next big reason most people don’t pressure wash their sidewalks, walkways, or driveway, is time. Pressure washing in Houston, especially on really hot days takes time, hours, maybe even all day if you don’t have professional-grade equipment that allows you to work faster. You’ve got more important things on your plate that needs your attention than spending all that time hunched over trying to get your sidewalks looking like new again. 

That’s where we at Geek Window Cleaning come in! We have all of the professional-grade, high powered pressure washing equipment to get the job done right and in a timely manner. We also have the experience to get different types of surfaces from concrete, pavers, brick, and stone clean without damaging anything. Do you get those stubborn tannin stains from acorns, pecans, or leaves that bleed into your concrete? We can get those out as well!  It’s important to keep your sidewalks clean and pressure washed and here are the Top Three Reasons to have it taken care of, sooner rather than later. 


caution sign pressure washing

Safety is always first! Especially with us here at Geek Window Cleaning and that’s why it’s number one on this list.

 It’s Houston, it’s hot, it’s humid, it rains…it’s the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and algae to thrive on your sidewalks. When your sidewalk is dirty or growing any kind of mold or algae it becomes a major slip hazard. Not just when it rains but from your sprinkler system, morning dew, or watering your lawn on a hot day makes your sidewalks quite dangerous. You may be saying to yourself, “the most interaction I have with my sidewalks is when I drive over them in my car”. While that may be true, what about the mail carrier that walks on your sidewalks every day? Your neighbors walking their dog? The jogger with headphones in? Did you know that if any of these people slip and break something on your sidewalk, you’re responsible? Yup, the city isn’t responsible for your sidewalks, you are. This is where your homeowner’s insurance would come in and cover the liability but that also means that your insurance could go up as well. 

Have you ever noticed that the Memorial Park and Rice running trails are not concrete, but instead, gravel? One of the main reasons they are like that is because it’s more slip-resistant and doesn’t get covered with algae or mold, like concrete sidewalks do. 

So at the very least, have your sidewalks pressure washed just for the safety/liability aspect of people walking around your property every day. 


Homeowners who take pride in their home want it to look it’s best. That’s why people get their house pressure washed, painted or roof soft-washed. We’re sure you’ve driven around and have seen houses that are not well kept or look outdated on the exterior and have also seen houses that look brand new but you know they aren’t. Having the sidewalks, driveway, and walkway pressure washed will make your home look it’s best from the ground up, literally. 

Also, if you’re getting ready to sell your home, having the concrete around your home pressure cleaned is one of the top 5 recommendations from Houston’s highest producing real estate agents. It instantly increases the exterior curb appeal of your home and will increase the value as well. In fact, there have been several studies including one from Michigan State and The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics that show homes with higher curb appeal sell for as much as 14% higher compared to homes with uninviting exteriors. 


Clean concrete pavement

Like we mentioned earlier, you might have a pressure washer and love DIY projects and, let’s be honest, pressure washing IS #oddlysatisfying. There’s a whole Reddit thread about it HERE, you’re welcome.

Now if you don’t own your own you can always purchase the same type of commercial-grade equipment we carry but you’ll wind up spending thousands on equipment. The next option is to rent the necessary equipment you need, this is a popular option for many DIY’ers out there, but there are several drawbacks to this as well. Most homeowners do not realize the cost of the rental, time, and money spent transporting the equipment, and the possibility of breaking something that you may be held liable for. When weekend warriors try and fail with DIY attempts, the cost-effectiveness ratio is skewed, even more, you end up paying large repair bills, a wasted day with possible sub-par cleaning, and wind up still having to hire a professional to come and correct the issues. 

At the end of the day, the amount to have us come out and save you the time and effort far outweigh the costs of you doing it on your own. 

Getting a quote is really easy as well! All you have to do is fill out the form below and we’ll get in contact with you right away and answer any questions you may have.