When Should You Have Home Pressure Washing Services in Austin?

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by Kyle Ray

Factors To Consider When Hiring Home Pressure Washing Services

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Cleaning your home’s exterior is necessary to prevent the buildup of dirt and the growth of algae or fungi. These agents not only make your home look terrible but can also damage it, reducing the property value in the process. Cleaning the exterior of a home can be a large and difficult job. Pressure washing Austin makes it much easier; you don’t even need a ladder to strip away the grime with a high-powered stream of water. Hiring home pressure washing services in Austin means the job gets done with almost no effort on your part.

No set rules govern when or how often you should have power washing Austin for your home’s exterior. However, it is recommended at least once a year. Some homeowners choose to have it done whenever the house “needs” it, a subjective measure. Depending on factors such as weather or location, your Austin home may benefit from home pressure washing services more or less often than others.

Home Pressure Washing Services in Austin Based on Season

Each season of the year can have a unique effect on the exterior of your home. If you schedule regular power washing of your Austin home for the change of the seasons, you can get rid of whatever the last season brought and get your home ready to face the next one. This is also another way to remember to schedule the cleaning, so you don’t neglect to have the pressure washing done until dirt and growth are allowed to build up.

Home Pressure Washing Services in Austin Based on Weather

The weather in Austin can affect both when your home needs power washing and when this can take place.


When the weather’s humid, moisture in the air can promote the growth of mold, mildew, and algae on your home’s exterior. Therefore, you may find that you require home pressure washing services Austin more often in the spring and summer. During these months, humidity levels tend to be higher than in the fall and winter.

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You might think that rain would wash away some dirt from the surface of your home. While this may be true to an extent, rain is more likely to deposit more dirt or spread around the grime already there. While you probably don’t have to power wash your home after every rainstorm, if there has been more than a week or so of consistently rainy days, you might want to consider having pressure washing done.


If heavy rain makes your house dirtier, surely a prolonged period of no rain should help keep it cleaner. Unfortunately, no. Regular rainfall tends to settle dust from dirt roads, sports fields, construction sites, etc. When it hasn’t rained for some time, the dust becomes drier, making it easier for it to get picked up by the wind. If your home is near a source of dust such as these, it may bear the full brunt of the onslaught. Nevertheless, once the wind has picked up these small particles, it can carry them for many miles.


You may find that your home looks dirtier after a big storm because of dirt and debris deposited by high winds. If so, you might want to arrange for pressure washing.

The weather also influences how effective the pressure washing will be. Whenever possible, power washing should take place on a mild, sunny day. While the treatment can continue even in light rain, it may have to be rescheduled for a different time or date if the weather is otherwise inclement.

Home Pressure Washing Services in Austin Based on Location

Your Austin home may require power washing more often based on its surroundings. For example, you may love the shade afforded by mature trees around your home, but they can cause sap to build upon the exterior. Sap adheres to the surface and can be very difficult to move by other cleaning methods.

On the other hand, trees around your home can afford some protection from wind and dust. Therefore, depending on where your home is situated, you may find that it needs more frequent pressure washing even if trees do not surround it.

Professional Home Pressure Washing Services Austin

While you could perform the home pressure washing services yourself, it can cause damage if performed incorrectly. Our professionals are insured and trained to clean your home with power washing without harming it.

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